Monday, July 9, 2007

Ded Engine - Ded Engine (1985)

Michigan's Ded Engine, who throughout their career were constantly blighted by comparisons to better known British Metal bands, were founded in 1980. The band's recording debut had come in 1983 with the issue of a demo "Limited Edition E.P.". Later that year they re-recorded the track "Renegade" for inclusion on the British compilation album "It's Unheard Of" album, issued through Sane Records. This same recording was included on the 1984 "Two Bad" single, a limited edition of 1000 copies from Genocide Records. A second demo, "Till Deaf Do Us Part", arrived in 1985.

The band recorded a batch of five more tracks and compiled these with their early material to create the "Ded Engine" album. Initially this would be released in cassette format via Dutch East India Trading of New York. Subsequently, Black Dragon Records in France and SPV Steamhammer in Germany licensed the album for vinyl release across Europe whilst Maze Records took the record on for Canada.

Though there was some grass roots radio support for their debut, the album failed to make a dent in the industry and the band continued looking for a proper record deal. That came in 1987, when the band signed with Grudge Records and released, "Hold a Grudge". Again, there was very little interest or support for the band and within a year they had split for good. Bassist, Marky DeSade went on to join Smashed Gladys a few years later. He passed away in 1994. Drummer Chip Lorimer is now a leathersmith in Michigan.

The material here is rather pedestrian mid-paced hard rock, though there are a few tracks that at least manage a lasting hook...namely, "Kings of the City", ""Take a Hike" and "Hot Shot". In any case, this little known band may serve as an interesting look into the sound of midwestern heavy metal, as there was a burgeoning scene thriving in the region during that time. I should know...I was right in the middle of it! Direct from clean vinyl, "Ded Engine".


jguill said...

Wow thanks for the post-This brings back some great memories for me. Keep up th good work - great blog !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post.I remember seeing ads for this album in Hit Parader back in the day.