Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strider - Exposed (1973)

Strider were a UK blues/rock outfit of tremendous potential. They were formed by guitarist Gary Grainger, keyboard player and lead vocalist Ian Kewley, bassist Lee Hunter and drummer Jimmy Hawkins. They spent their early days supporting the likes of Humble Pie, Status Quo and Deep Purple. Their debut album, ''Exposed", was released on Phillips Records in 1973, and it featured Babe Ruth's Jennie Haan on backing vocals. A second album, "Misunderstood", was released in 1974, which featured a mostly new lineup including lead vocalist Rob Elliott and drummer Tony Brock. Just as it seemed as if this great band were going places, they split, with Grainger going on to feature in Rod Stewart's band and Tony Brock moving on to The Babys.

So what of this album? Well, it's mostly pub rock with a helping of blues. I'd say it's like a poor man's Humble Pie. I prefer the final album (with a superior vocalist) to this, but since this is such an elusive release, it deserves to be here. I'll let you be the judge. It's interesting hearing Tony Brock in this capacity, since he'd later go on to a much sleeker and tighter band, The Babys. Whatever your preference, this deserves to be least once :)


micksguitar said...

i love thisc album. thanx so much for posting it. a real rock and roll trip. thanx mick.

db said...

Pub Rock. Wow..!!
That takes me back to The Greyhound, Fulham Road SW3
Greetings from sarf west London.