Monday, July 16, 2007

Atlas - Atlas (1973)

Not much is known about this Australian/British band, which featured former members of Wishbone Ash, Captain Australia and Sunshine. Led by vocalist Ronnie Charles, Atlas were quick to sign a deal and release their debut album with Warner/Reprise Records in 1973. The album spawned two singles, both of which saw modest chart activity. Despite critical accolades, the album faded quickly from view and within a year the band had split.

The album is an exercise in straightforward 70's bluesy rock with a hard edge and some occasional laid back balladry. Despite the somewhat generic description I've used here, there are some highlights showing diversity and groove. "Military Rag" and "On We Go" are both exceptional tracks showing a slight American influence, particularly the west coast.

Ronnie Charles went on to a successful solo career after the split, and the remaining members whereabouts are unknown. Check out this curious Aussie/British release, you just might dig it!


Anonymous said...

Not bad hard blues rock. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a great album. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ronnie Charles started out in the 60's with the band "The Groop" which also included Brian Cadd.
They had 2 number 1 hits and several other big hits. They made 3 albums for CBS and then Charles traveled to the UK and Cadd formed Axiom with Glen Shorrock before going solo 2 albums later.
Austral Alien