Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jigsaw - Broken Hearted (1972)

This, Jigsaw's third album, marked the end of their psych/folk rock phase in favor of a more soulful direction. Oddly enough, the band would take another musical detour the following year which would launch them into a run of charting singles and decidedly more vapid songwriting. It's important that you download the band's first two albums (featured here as well) to really see the evolution that has come to rest here on "Broken Hearted". Though Jigsaw are famous for the albums that followed this release, their early material at least makes for a fascinating listen. Vocalist/drummer Des Dyer retired from regular recording and touring in the 90's, but occasionally ventures back into the business from time to time. See what you think of this vintage release from 1972.

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gary_lankford said...

This is another great album! I especially love the song, 'Have You Heard The News'.