Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fox - What the Hell Is Going On? (1974)

Aussie act, Fox, are quite a mystery. There is nary a trace of information about the band anywhere online. This does appear to be their only album. So what about the album? Well, it's a hard one to peg. Musically, the band rock throughout, laying down a curious blend of crunchy hard rock, pub rock and '77 era punk. Punk, you say? Yep...the conversational style of singing found here sounds reckless and somewhat sloppy, but it lends itself very well to the overall delivery of the material. With a leadfooted clunky bottom end (complete with the obligatory use of cowbell), Fox recklessly saunter through ten tracks, only taking a moment to breathe twice (including a cover of Space Opera's "Country Max") in the proceedings. Apparently the band split shortly after this release, and it is known that members went on to other bands like Southern Cross and Mondo Rock.

I highly recommend this fabulous vinyl rip, as it's a glimpse of classic Australian rock that stands a bit left of center. There's plenty of character here and most lovers of classic hard rock will eat this one up. Check it....you know you want to :)


fairplaybeach said...

I like this... They kind of remind me of Kings of Leon.

Anonymous said...

file deleted, please reup