Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Airborne - Airborne (1979)

Ah, good old Airborne. Anyone who has any knowledge of key artists in the AOR movement of the late 70's not only recognize the name, but more than likely heap endless praise upon the band. With a lineup whose pedigree was as impressive prior to 1979 as it was in subsequent years, Airborne was the archetypal arena rock band of its era and a band who mysteriously were met with general indifference during their brief period of activity. The band were masterminded by famed producer, Beau Hill, just weeks prior to their contract with CBS Records. Hill, an accomplished musician, had been demoing material for the better part of a year before it landed on the desk of famed producer, Keith Olsen. It was Olsen who prompted Hill to assemble a band for the recordings and within five weeks, their self-titled album was complete. A promotional campaign ensued and before long, stores across the country were stocked to the gills with copies of the album. For reasons unknown, despite the promotional push and surplus of product available, Airborne's debut failed to ignite. The result was a quick death for not only the album, but the band itself. The rest is, as they say, history.

The album is an astounding collection of slick and energetic AOR with an emphasis on crunchy guitars and soaring harmonies. With formidable vocal gymnastics and a rock solid rhythm section at the fore, the album seethes with power from the onset and never lets up until the very end. Fashioning themselves like a heavier 707 or Shooting Star, Airborne were unique because they had multiple lead vocalists and wrote timeless material that simply transcended the era from which they sprang. Granted, at the time, Airborne were seemingly just another AOR band among thousands...but in retrospect the band has deservedly been the recipients of accolades worldwide.

Sadly, the album has remained in relative obscurity ever since. Members of the band went on to acts like Ken Hensley, Night Ranger, Shanghai, Journey, Ironhorse and Animotion. Hill went on to become an instrumental producer during the 80's hair metal movement and is still active in this role today. Be sure to snap this one up and be amazed at the level of brilliance this all-star act were capable of. You'll surely feel a sense of loss, wondering how this talented band would've evolved over the years.


Tim Brown. Keokuk, Iowa. said...

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You made my day. Haven't heard this in at least 25 years and it's actually better than I remember. Keep this good stuff coming.

Rob said...

Airborne had a second lp released on "rewind" called "The Dig".finished some 20+ years after it was recorded
great stuff !
they have a myspace site!lookee here


cheers now!

Residentevil2 said...

Thank you for this.
Do you have THUNDERMUG - Who's Running The World?

Bubba said...

Never heard of this one before, but if Beau Hill is involved I'm interested!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant melodic rock/AOR. J, you've been posting some great albums lately. This is one of them. Solid album.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this great album. I really like it.

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