Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MPG - MPG (1981)

MPG (aka Miles Per Gallon) were an Atlanta based act who formed in late 1978. Bearing a style reminiscent of Toto or New England, the band rose to notable popularity in the southeast before A&M Records beckoned, prompting the release of their eponymous debut in 1981. Led by singer/keyboardist/songwriter, Steve Carey, MPG typified a sound that was in full swing by the early 80's. With excellent label support and regional airplay, it's quite astounding that the album slipped by audiences and fell into total oblivion. This unfortunate setback led A&M to pull the plug early into the band's contract, leaving them minus the three subsequent albums they had signed on to make. It wasn't long before members began to defect and by 1982, the band were inactive. The members have all gone on to pursue careers in and out of the industry, though nothing quite on the scale of MPG.

Sadly, this well done AOR album has been collecting dust at A&M and there appears to be no sign of a reissue anytime soon. There have been talks of a reunion over the years, but nothing has materialized to that end as of yet. In the meantime, while we wait, take a listen to this exceptional album and enjoy a piece of southern AOR the way it's meant to be done.


Robert Pally said...


There is more good stuff around. Do you know Nasty Pop, Van Dunson, David Kubinec, John Donovan, Dukes, Face Dancer, Ginger, Neil Harrison, Heartbeats, Indian Summer (The Power Pop Band), KEy West, Reggie Knighton, Meal ticket, Movies, Quacky Duck, Peter Straker, Sunrise, Stefan Zauner?



Rob said...

Hi Ronnie ,thanks a lot for the MPG album,been looking for that one for a while!
Lots a good stuff you're coming up with.

Anonymous said...

Excellent!. Very ToTo-ish. I Love it.

madeiras said...
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madeiras said...

Thanks for the album MPG and Doucette. Do you know The Producers and Darling Cruel.
Big Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Please reupload!