Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Speedway Blvd - Speedway Blvd (1980)

Speedway Blvd were a New York based act assembled by famed bubblegum impresarios, Kasenetz and Katz. Looking to capitalize on the booming arena rock sensation that was sweeping the nation at the dawn of the 80's, the duo put Speedway Blvd together strictly as a studio project. Allowing the musicians their own creative freedom, the unique assemblage of players concocted a potent blend of AOR, new wave and progressive rock. The results were astounding and Epic Records quickly released the album with a massive promotional campaign in tow. For reasons unknown, audiences just didn't have a clue how to take Speedway Blvd and the album tanked. The project was essentially abandoned and various members went on to Balance and later Dream Theater.

This album is a fine example of music that was ahead of its time. I can't explain it any other way. With sharp vocals, wicked synths and clever arrangements, the album is truly unique. I recommend this one heartily. Check out this fairly good vinyl rip.


Anonymous said...

Having never heard this band before I was deeply surprised of how great, interesting and powerful the opening title track sounded. I was smiling from ear to ear, and also did a bit of air-guitaring!. Wow...
I do hear some City Boy influences here and there. The album doesn't quite hold up all the way, but there are some absolutely brilliant guitar driven AOR rock to be found here!. Intresting album that should appeal to most AOR rock fans out there.

skids said...

thank you thank you

I've been after this one for along time :-)

Gumby said...

Personally I found this album overblown and a chore to sit through. Many good songs here, but only "(I Think I Better) Hold On" and "Dog in the Distance" weren't ruined by the band trying too hard, so they at least were enjoyable.