Friday, July 27, 2007

Goddo - Who Cares? (1978)

Who could forget legendary Canadian power trio, Goddo? This brash Toronto act came together in 1975, headed by Greg Godovitz. The band was fleshed out by members, Gino Scarpelli (ex-Brutus) and Marty Morin. After several years of touring the bar circuit, Polydor snapped up the band in 1977 and issued their eponymously titled debut. The following year, their followup album, "Who Cares?" was released to critical indifference, spawning the single, "Sweet Thing". A number of albums and singles ensued over the next few years before Goddo finally caved in 1990 under the pressure of an evolving music industry. Subsequent reunions in 1992 and 2001 would both yield studio albums, though its clear that Goddo is keeping a rather low profile in comparison to their glory days.

"Who Cares?" is certainly the band's artistic peak, with a sound that runs frantically from supercharged to subdued and back again. Lyrical barbs and punishing guitars are the order of the day here and everything falls into place perfectly. With a very distinct style of their own, it's really hard to pigeonhole Goddo's sound. Suffice it to say, this is quality Canadian rock and you'd be a fool not to check this one out. Try them out and then buy their can be one of the cool people who actually knows who Goddo is! :)


I.P. Knighly said...

Ah - the good old days - Gino, Greg, Doug/Marty at the Gasworks, the Tube, Yonge Station, the Knobby (a fight a night or your draft is free), the Key or... 8 zillion other places.

Knew them pretty well back then and knew the girl whose butt is on the cover of "Goddo Lighve - Best Seat In The House". I miss those days ... thanks for the memories.

Do you by chance have any of the Fludd albums? It'd be great to hear 'Get Up Get Out and Move On' again.



Anonymous said...

I said, C-c-c-c-c-cock on.

Hey, thanks for the Billy Lyall!

Anonymous said...

I really like this. "Cock On" and the heavy "Too Much Carousing" are two of my favorites. Perfect style of music with heavy riffing and tight playing. "Drop Dead" reminds a bit of what was to come with the NWOBHM a couple of years later. "There Goes My Baby" has a nice funk/blues-groove and a brass section. "Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)" reminds a bit of Ace Frehley's solo stuff the same year.
There's a slightly rebellic, almost Punk rock attitude in this music. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thx for Goddo , another lost gem you've posted Ronnie ;-) My album found of the week called 'No rest for the Wicked' from a band called Truth And Janey 1976 , forgot were i found it :-s ,but if you cross it grab it cause it's simply marvelous! Lots of Belgium greetz and keep up the good work cya :)

harleytexas said...

any more Goddo?????

Anonymous said...

Awesome! The legendary Goddo. Greg's book is a must read.
Great band, great songs. If they came out know with this stuff now they would still be huge.

I don't suppose you have Best Seat in the House.

Gumby said...

Full of good tunes and some really amusing bits scattered between. I'd love to hear more Goddo!

Anonymous said...

Please ... more Goodo albuns. This is an amazing band.