Monday, July 23, 2007

The B'zz - Get Up (1982)

The B'zz were an Illinois based AOR act, who were essentially an offshoot of The Boyzz. Upon the latter band's dissolution in the late 70's, three of its members formed The B'zz in hopes of capitalizing on the successful formulas of bands like Foreigner, Survivor and others. Within a few months of forming, the band had already amassed an impressive repertoire of music, booked successful tours in the midwest and landed a spot on American Bandstand. They retain the distinction of being the only unsigned band to appear on the show. Epic Records took notice of the band and promptly signed them, enlisting Tom Werman to produce their debut. In 1982, "Get Up" was sprung upon the unsuspecting masses. Though two singles charted respectably, the band were unable to reach a wide enough audience to support global touring and within a year, The B'zz were no more. Members went on to other acts like WASP, L.A. Guns and Raw Dogs.

When compared to the raucous material of The Boyzz, "Get Up" is quite an evolution. One can only assume that the raw vocals of Boyzz frontman, Dan Buck, can be credited for the distinction between the two bands. The B'zz were considerably slicker and the material is easily more pop driven than their bluesy predecessor. The album is energetic, well produced and full of hooks. It's startling that this album has never seen proper reissue, considering the band's bloodline and the quality of material here.

Check out this smoking album and marvel at the impressive chops The B'zz were able to muster up in the studio. Fabulous indeed!


Anonymous said...


"Get Up" move to my setlist !!!

thanks for memories....


infinitefool said...

Man O Man O Man O Man!!! Listening to this without all the scratchs and pops will be very nice stroll down memory lane. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love this album. Great solid production, very good songs, brilliant melodies and hooks. It's must have been a perfect party album back in '82. It has something for everyone to enjoy. The B'zz moves in and out of different styles of music. I hear bits and pieces of punk rock, 60's rock, melodic AOR, soul music and hard rock.
It's kind of funny that a member, or members? of The B'zz (Bees) then went on to join WASP. ;)

thelegendthatis said...

Hey J, another cracking post...and thanks for Bullseye and Chopper too
It's as if you've got my wants list...

after a few other lost gems if you have them

- Private Eye -S/T
- Crimson Tide - Reckless Love
- Runner -S/T
- Straight Lines - Run for Cover
and finally
- Butler S/T

Loving the Blog...keep up the excellent posts...

The Legend

Time Traveller said...

Hey, nice blog you got goin' here!! I've been going nuts downloading stuff. Thanks for all of it!!!

I just put a link on my blog and you should get a hit or two very soon!

Good luck with the blog and thanks for giving me the heads up on it!!


bigfootkit said...

Many thanks for this.
Apparently this album did get a reissue a few years back on the French Bad Reputation label, but it appears to be out of print now.

Steamhammer said...

You can still get this from guitarist Mike Tafoya's website. He's in a band now called LOST BOYZZ - excellent stuff. I've got some demo's from aftr this LP was issued, still great stuff. Sadly missed.

Anonymous said...

This album is so diverse, every music is different from it`s precedent in style ... we have AOR, hard rock, a little of punk , pop.... but always great songs with fantastic melodies.
Again thanks for posting this geam.

Anonymous said...

The B'zz Get Up is available from me. E amil me and I'll get it to you for a little $.
i also have the Boyzz

badorphan said...

WOW! I have been looking for this for as long as I have had the internet. I bought this tape when I was a kid after hearing them interviewed on the radio. I had to sell all my tapes so I could eat. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a 320kbps rip?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a 320kbps rip?