Friday, July 6, 2007

Bullseye - On Target (1979)

An extra big thanks goes to my new friend, Chris for this album! This obscurity comes from New York based quintet, Bullseye. Though the band managed to create quite a stir in the business and even sparked a major bidding war for their first album, ultimately the hype did not translate into success when Columbia Records released this gem in 1979. The album was a curious amalgam of AOR and mainstream pop (not unlike 707 or Survivor), not fully committing itself to either extreme. The result is a fairly stable batch of songs featuring the charged vocals of Manny Demagistris, who brings ample charisma to the material here. The opening cut, "Treat Me Right" would be covered by Pat Benatar the following year. It's presumed the band split shortly after this release, which is a shame as the talent in the band was formidable. Drummer Alan Childs later worked with John Waite, David Bowie, Rod Stewart and Julian Lennon.

Download this excellent vinyl rip and listen to one of the true obscurities of the AOR movement!


gary_lankford said...

This is a really excellent and straightforward rock album with a good bit of roll, too. It's a style that really appeals to me.

I really hate it when instrumentals completely drown out vocals; that never happens on this album.

The quality of the songs is really very consistent throughout. It's hard to imagine why this band didn't catch on.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but nothing excepcional. But thanks again

Damp Whistle said...

Now out on official CD, thanks to Rock Candy Records (July 2016)