Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blown Free - Maximum Rock and Roll (1978)

Not much is known about Texas act, Blown Free, so this will be a short synopsis. I can tell you that their only album was actually recorded in 1973, though it was issued (in limited quanitities) later in 1978. The primitive hard rock album is chock full of raw guitar work, gruff vocals and a stomping rhythm section. This fairly good effort is bolstered by a number of outtakes and edits, bringing the track count to fourteen.

If early 70's proto metal (ala Grand Funk), is your thing, you'll likely enjoy this highly obscure release. I suggest you download this one now, as it rarely ever resurfaces.


Residentevil2 said...

Cool great stuff thanks

Anonymous said...

These guys could've gotten something going. They have the right attitude and the love for good music. However this production isn't very good. Many of the tracks sounds like they've been recorded directly from their rehersal room onto a cheap tape recorder. I don't get a feeling of a true album production. More a selection of Demo recordings.
But there are some small gems on here. 'Baby Come Back' , 'My House' and 'The Wizard'. Especially the latter is great.

bigfootkit said...

My many thanks for this one, i first became aware of their existence via the Shroom Records website, to hear a whole albums worth of material is a treat i never thought i'd experience.
Great blog, my many thanks to you.
Do you happen to have "Dog Soldier" or "Electric Warriors" by Winterhawk?

Bubba said...

You continue to amaze me with your posts. Keep up the great work.

micksguitar said...

great post. humbly i bow down to your greatness. thanx 4 the share. mick

Anonymous said...

The production is not very good, but an OK band.