Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thunderhead - Thunderhead (1975)

Thunderhead were a briefly active hard rock/blues act formed in New Orleans in the early 70's. Their only album, "Thunderhead", was picked up by ABC/Dunhill Records and issued in 1975. Though the band enjoyed minor success in portions of the country, their relentless touring and promotion of the album was met with general indifference and the band members parted ways the following year. Several of them went on to work with Johnny Winters and in studio production and engineering.

This album is an excellent foray into bluesy southern hard rock, much like early Point Blank or Hydra. The vocal harmonies are stellar and the performances are fluid and powerful. It's quite a shock that this band has been relegated to obscurity, as the songwriting is top notch and the production is quite exceptional given the year the album was recorded. The band's gritty style is embellished with flutes and congas, making them entirely unique entries in the southern rock genre.

I suggest you download this fabulous slab of goodness and see what I'm talking about. You'll be glad you did!



Anonymous said...

I like this!. Blues rock/Southern rock. I also like the flute that they use on some of the songs. Reminds a bit of Bachman-Turner Overdrive meets Jethro Tull. Thanks J!.

Anonymous said...

First thing I tried already is a banger , very good Headstone , thank you very much Ronnie, now i'll try Morningstar ;-) greetz from Belgium P.S , the best album i found the last couple of weeks is from a band called Ocean from 1976 , i found it on orion-awakes , have a nice weekend ciao.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post! Great music and yes indeed excellent production. Many thanks, your blog is really fantastic!
JF France.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this. I owned this album way back when, and really enjoyed it. Then I got "serious" about music and sold it as too frivolous. I've regretted that move for years. Now it's back in my life and the music sounds as good as ever to me. Thanks so much.

cappy1v said...

Thanks for the kind words about the album. I wish the band could have endured but "Disco" and poor management overwhelmed us. I know because I was the lead singer. Thanks again,
Mike Dagger

Anonymous said...

Thunderhead's drummer Bobby 'T' Torello went onto record/perform with Johnny Winter,Michael Bolton in the late seventies.
He appears on the Johnny Winter albums "White Hot And Blue" and "Raisin' Cain".
Saw him live with Johnny Winter and he was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Pat Rush, the lead/slide guitarist went on with playing with Bobby T, in both the Winter & Bolton bands. Then on to play with James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells and many other Chigago blues artists. Did part of a tour playing with 38 Special as well as one with Molly Hatchett. He ended up in Toronto and has recorded and toured with many Canadian artists & spent 1994 to 2006 recording and touring in the Jeff Healey Band.

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