Thursday, July 5, 2007

Baby Grand - Baby Grand (1977)

Not much more I can say about Baby Grand that wasn't already said in their earlier post, except that this is their debut from 1977 which features a decidedly softer sound and inferior vocals. There are elements of jazz found in most of the tracks here and the material is considerably weaker than their 1978 follow up. Regardless, this is an extremely difficult album to find and its inclusion here is warranted for that fact alone. Fans of The Hooters will be surprised to hear this band, as Baby Grand's sound is quite removed from what fans later heard in the 80's. Ripped from clean vinyl, here it is...."Baby Grand".

1 comment:

Aasmund, Norway said...

I have this album on vinyl!
Stumbled over it, and got it for about 3$!
Is it rare?
It's not in bad quality neither!

And yes, it's ingenious!