Monday, July 9, 2007

The Rollers - Elevator (1979)

By request, this is the first release by the newly renamed "Rollers", who had just lost Les McKeown the previous year. Duncan Faure of South African rockers, Rabbitt, was chosen as his replacement and his Beatlesque songwriting takes the lead on this effort. Though diehard BCR fans will argue that this phase of the band's evolution does not count, I beg to differ. In fact, I'll go as far to say that this album represents the band's artistic peak and songwriting maturity. With irresistable hooks oozing from each track, this is a seriously cohesive record that outclasses anything else in the BCR canon. Sadly, this was a case of 'lightning in a bottle'. The band's subsequent work was somewhat lackluster and on par with much of their McKeown era material. Don't believe me? Take a listen and hear The Rollers at their finest. It never got any better than this, folks. A four star album all the way...


JoseViruete said...

Ronnie, you made my week! You not only upload The Rollers album (THANKS A LOT, MAN, but a PILOT album, and a ROADMASTER one, too.
You got superb taste, man!

gary_lankford said...

This is a beautiful album! Some might call it 'pop', but to my mind this kind of music (ala The Beatles) has the best claim for being 'rock', with no necessity of adding a 'prog' or 'hard' or other sub-genre label.

I've never been a 'hard' rocker... This is the kind of rock that pleases me most.

Todd said...

So, I discovered your blog due to this album. All I can say is wow!
So far I've downloaded the rollers Introducing Sparks, the three Hudson Brothers Lps, And told everyone I could think of about your incredible site. Thanks for the time and keep doing what your doing!!!