Sunday, July 8, 2007

Shakin' Street - Shakin' Street (1980)

French act, Shakin' Street, were the brainchild of Fabienne Shine and Eric Lévi. The songwriting duo were in search of a band, after Fabienne had met and worked with members of Led Zeppelin. In 1976, they met Corrine Marienneau, Jean-Lou Kalinowski and Louis Bertignac and the lineup was soldified. After numerous successful festival appearances, famed producer and talent impresario Sandy Pearlman went to bat for the band, securing them an international recording contract with CBS Records. Their debut, "Vampire Rock" was issued in 1978 to resounding approval of listeners all over Europe. Their hard rock sound was distinctly punk influenced and soon the band found itself sharing bills with some of the UK's most revered punk artists.

Sensing an opportunity to push their unique sound to an american audience, CBS released their self-titled follow up in the US in 1980. With future Manowar guitarist, Ross the Boss now in the band, the album featured an even heavier sound that seemed timely considering that the NWOBHM movement was in its infancy at the time. Though their core fanbase snapped up the album upon its release, somehow the american public was not paying attention. By the end of the year, Ross had left the band to form Manowar with greater success. Fabienne fled back to France and embarked on collaboration with Damon Edge (of Chrome), who she'd later marry. After their separation a short time later, she began a solo career that has persisted sporadically ever since. Apart from a brief reunion concert in 2004, Shakin' Street has remained inactive with former members pursuing other opportunities in and out of the music industry.

As stated before, there is a punk vibe present in the band's overall sound and with Fabienne's perky voice at the forefront, it makes for an extremely enjoyable listen. Keep an eye out for more of the band's music here, but for now, check out "Shakin' Street" from 1980.


Rob said...

Great you have "Vampire Rock"???!!
I've been looking for that one for years!

Nils Tibor said...

I like both of their albums but I think the second one is better.

I have Shakin' Street - Shakin' Street (1980) on CD since earlier.

Did people know that Eric Lévi from
Shakin' Street born 1955 in Paris, France, is a musician best known for being the mastermind behind the group ERA and the ERA musical trilogy...

It's a quite big difference in styles between Shakin' Street and ERA.


Dutchboy said...

Thanks for the album. Shakin'Street has reunited with Ross the boss, look here:

Greetings from Holland.