Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sweet d'Buster - Friction (1978)

Dutch band, Sweet d'Buster came together in 1975, featuring ex-members of Golden Earring, Chain of Fools and Supersister. Sporting a curious hybrid of funk, progressive rock and hard rock, the band quickly became hugely popular in their native country. Opting to write their songs in english, the band began seeing modest crossover success in parts of Europe. Their self-titled debut was issued in 1976 on Bubble Records and pushed the band to numerous high profile tours of the region that year. After the tour had concluded, the band spent the next six months recording their followup, "Friction", which was released in 1978. The album was a clear evolution from the debut and saw the writing becoming more diverse and multilayered. Multiple lineup changes began to take place in 1979, which plagued sessions for their third studio album, "Shot Into the Blue". By late 1980, the band had reached an impasse and members opted to jump ship, leaving Sweet d'Buster dead in its tracks. Members continued in the business in various Dutch bands, some of which are active at the present.

I must say that, though this style of music isn't normally my cup of tea, this album is an exception. Smooth, bouyant, lively and played with precision, "Friction" is a real gem of long forgotten Dutch rock. With saxophones, violins and various percussion instruments embellishing the core of the band, the sound throughout is dynamic and pulsating with life. Whether I'm alone in this assessment is up for grabs. Check it and draw your own conclusion!


Anonymous said...

DUDE your website rules all this cool music and obscure aor i love it you made my week man keep on rocking dude!thanks for all the tunes man!

Gumby said...

The version of "Can't Buy Me Love" is one of the best Beatles covers I've heard and overall this album is very enjoyable. Thanks!