Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Head East - A Different Kind of Crazy (1979)

I've decided to post yet another Head East album...for two reasons. First, the album was only issued once on CD in the late 80's and only in France. Second, the album is easily the best thing the band ever recorded. Growing up in the midwest during the AOR craze of the 70's, bands like REO Speedwagon, Styx, Roadmaster and The Rockets were the order of the day for midwestern radio. Head East, in particular, were the darlings of these radio stations. Coming off of the mega single, "Never Been Any Reason" in 1975, Head East released a flurry of excellent albums over the next five years. It all peaked in 1979 with this fine album, "A Different Kind of Crazy". Though its success was modest, the band's formula had reached its pinnacle with this release. It's really quite baffling how this incredible collection of songs did not fare better. With superior writing, musicianship and the pitch-perfect vocals of John Schlitt, it just never quite came together more perfectly for the band than it did here. "Gettin' Lucky" from 1977 was a very close second for the band, in terms of quality material.

Oddly enough, the band splintered while touring in support of the album. Schlitt later became born again and fronted Petra through the remainder of their career. Some of the members carried on with Head East to lesser success and are still at it today on the oldies circuit. Bassist, Dan Birney, passed away in 2003 from a cardiovascular condition.

So rather than waiting for A&M to give up the masters and allow Head East an opportunity to resissue this splendid album, I'm offering it here for now. This is a must for 70's AOR lovers!


Anonymous said...

many T H A N K S

and a another REQ:
The Tarney Spencer Band - Run For Your Life (1979)

Members Alan Tarney (guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals),
Trevor Spencer (drums)

1. No Time To Lose
2. The Race Is Almost Run
3. Won'tcha Tell me
4. Live Again
5. Run For Your Life
6. Don't
7. Far Better Man
8. Lies
9. A Heart Will Break Tonight
10. I'm Alive
here is the cover:

No Time To Lose-video:


kayugak said...

good...good...stuff! I wondered how this never made the radio as well. I have played it time and time again.