Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Doucette - The Douce Is Loose (1979)

Doucette is the brainchild of Montreal native, Jerry Doucette. After moving at an early age to Ontario, Jerry became ensconced in the club scene for a number of years while working towards a contract with Mushroom Records. That goal came to fruition after Mushroom executive Shelly Seigel encouraged Jerry to assemble a band and sign with the label. In 1977, Jerry's new band (aptly called Doucette) completed sessions for their debut, "Mama, Let Him Play" and Mushroom quickly issued the album that same year. The album abruptly achieved platinum status in Canada and Doucette were sent on the road with the likes of Bob Welch, Eddie Money and Meatloaf.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the band, they were hustled back into the studio (with a largely overhauled lineup) at the end of their tour and by early 1979, "The Douce Is Loose" was unleashed. Further live jaunts with the Doobie Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and the Beach Boys helped to increase their exposure and soon a charting single, "Nobody", hit the airwaves. Oddly, more personnel changes took place and things were beginning to fall apart at the label. Jerry jumped ship and relaunched the band on Rio Records in 1981. "Coming Up Roses" was issued that year, and though it was a respectable effort, the ever changing trends in popular music had left Doucette without an audience. Later than year, the band were defunct and Jerry spent the next decade keeping a low profile, only to reemerge as a solo artist to minor success. He continues to tour at the present, though mostly in his homeland.

This album is a lively blend of AOR and slight southern rock, all the while maintaining a decidedly 70's vibe throughout. Jerry proves himself not only a stellar guitarist, but also a very capable vocalist, with plenty of charisma and flow oozing from the eight tracks presented here. There are hooks all over this album which help maintain consistency from track to track. It's no surprise this was a hit, though it's puzzling that the album has never seen reissue. To remedy matters, here's a vinyl rip for your listening pleasure. Check out one of Canada's unsung heroes and enjoy!


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Great post ,but not available anymore on megaupload ?

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This is an OOP album so no harm having it up.