Friday, June 22, 2007

Magic Bubble - Magic Bubble (1969)

Toronto's Magic Bubble was essentially a brother/sister duo backed by an ensemble of session players. The duo consisted of Rita and Frank Rondell. Though often referred to as a psych album, their self-titled debut is far too schizophrenic to bear the label completely. With a diverse batch of songs covering pop, psychedelic, hard rock and several other genres, this album was at least consistent in its scattershot approach. What results is a pretty good mix of everything that works in unison to create an appealing and quaint vibe throughout. Columbia Records would drop the duo after their debut failed to chart and not much else was heard from them again, though Rita would return to music in the 80's as a solo artist. In any case, this pricey and highly collectable release has never seen reissue, thus warranting its inclusion here. Enjoy this charming album from Canada's long lost Magic Bubble.


gary_lankford said...

Looking around the net, the few reviews of this album I've found have not been nearly as kind as J's.

From his review, I gather that he rather likes this album. I do, also. It is rather quaint, and the artist's vocals are kind of raspy like a Janis Joplin, but I find the songs lyrics appealing and their presentation somehow generally refreshing.

Gotta admit, though, I'm not really a hard rocker; folk and country rock styles appeal to me. Unless you agree you may not care for this one.

waxhound said...


Thanks for sharing this.

Frank Rondell had previously released a cover of Carl Perkins' "Your True Love" on a 45.

Rita Rondell became a still currently successful blues singer as Rita Chiarelli.

Magic Bubble did have a second 45, that was not on the LP, too.


Marc (Canada)