Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sammy - Sammy (1972)

Sammy were a short lived supergroup featuring ex-members of Audience, Quatermass, The Herd, Silverhead, Episode Six and Ginhouse. Sporting a brass driven hard rock sound, the band released their sole album in 1972 to an apathetic record buying public. Though the band toured relentlessly for two years, their efforts were not met with success and the band folded by the end of 1974. In retrospect, this was a stellar effort despite the two pointless prog interludes that are featured here. At times the band sounded a bit like Audience and there were elements of Deep Purple scattered throughout. This isn't a surprise, considering the album was produced by Ian Gillan. In fact, drummer Mick Underwood would later join Gillan's solo project for a number of years. He would also form Strapps and a revamped Quatermass in the 90's.

Most surely not a candidate for the digital treatment, enjoy this sweet vinyl transfer instead. You'll wonder why this band slipped under the radar...

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