Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bluebeard - Bad Dream (1978)

Bluebeard, a Los Angeles neo-prog act that thrived in the 70's, only released one proper album in 1978 before disintegrating into darkness. Bearing a resemblance to Angel, Bluebeard's album has languished in obscurity for almost 30 years, fetching insane amounts of money for quality copies. The 1994 suicide of singer, Barry Leech, was the impetus for a reformation of the band. To date, the band has released an album reworking some of the classic material, but the debut still eludes proper digital treatment. With over-the-top vocal dramatics, noodly synths and churning guitars, "Bad Dream" is a classic example of neo-prog at its most self-indulgent. Featuring a wild recut of "Paint it Black" and a host of proggy originals, this album demands your attention. Check out this quality vinyl rip and enjoy!


micksguitar said...

looks like a good one. thanx 4 the gr8 post. mick.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie
Thanks for posting Bluebeard. I know these guys from highschool, and I used to go to a lot of their gigs.
Were all from the good old town of West Covina CA.


fairplaybeach said...

I like the Bluebeard sound... One of my favorites on here so far.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic music. For me one of the best post you have here. I`ve been listening for about one month and I`m not tired.


Fantastic post! Thanx for sharing!

Ron said...

This one is great just love the sound. It's hard to believe that they never made it.