Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Centaurus - Centaurus (1978)

Centaurus were a little known AOR unit from Los Angeles, who only lasted long enough to record and release one album. Bearing a sound that fell somewhere between Led Zeppelin and a more modern sounding Uriah Heep, Centaurus were not a particularly original or distinctive sounding band. Being signed to Doug Moody's low budget Azra label didn't help the band either, as the production here sounds more like something from the mid 60's than the late 70's. In spite of it all, there are a few highlights here, particularly the Uriah Heepesque "If I Build My World For You" and the Deep Purple influenced workout, "In the Mood".

After the split in 1979, several members went on to join other notable acts like Toronto and Beggars & Thieves. This album has never been reissued and it is likely it never will, so why not post it here for your scrutiny? Check out this decent vinyl rip and make your own judgement.


Anonymous said...

This is must for all hard rock fans. Thanks, Robots For Ronnie. your blog is great.

micksguitar said...

great post. i had this lp. imagine that!!!!!!!. thanx mick.

Anonymous said...

I've been curious about this album for a while. Now that I've finally heard it, all I can say is that it's awful. None of the musicians sound like they're playing the same song and the mix is craptastic.

Otherwise, I love your blog. Thanks!

Mr Pinkwhistle said...

Like a number of the other records on your great blog, I picked up Centaurus cheap years ago when US 70s rock was distinctly unfashionable and you couldn't even give it away to your friends. Now I'm glad I kept it as you've inspired me to listen again to a long neglected area of my collection. Looks like I'll enjoy the rest of the stuff I haven't heard before too! Many thanks for all your careful work and research, and good luck with the blog.