Monday, June 25, 2007

Sleepy Hollow - Sleepy Hollow (1972)

Sleepy Hollow, a Philadelphia based power pop unit, is one of the biggest mysteries I've encountered in my years of digging for obscurities. Virtually no information about the personnel or the band's history can be found online. Having said that, this entry will be posted strictly on the strength of the album's contents. Sleepy Hollow very much subscribe to the late era Beatles perspective and it permeates everything found here. Taking more of a simplistic route, in the vein of the Hudson Brothers, their self-titled album is chock full of quality classic pop. With the piano at the forefront, each lilting track serves up hook after hook, and it's all produced quite well considering its age and obscurity. Most certainly not destined for reissue anytime soon, I recommend you snag this fine album before it slips into nowhere land once again!


Anonymous said...

Sleepy Hollow!! YOU HAVE THIS ALBUM?? DAMN!! I thought I was the only one who found this! You must be family! ;p


Gumby said...

I liked the opening and closing tracks, "Sincerely Yours" and "Hades". Too bad the rest was too bland for my taste. Nice, spooky-looking cover, if I could only see a bigger scan.

stheabo said...

Thanks! I had the vinyl: "Take Me Back" is like a great lost McCartney track.

Anonymous said...

Fyi, "Take Me Back" was covered faithfully by Chris Von Sneidern on his 2003 cd The Wild Horse". You can hear his rendition here:

- Michael