Friday, June 15, 2007

Cain - Stinger (1977)

Infamous for their debut album's garish and tasteless cover art, Cain sprung from Minneapolis in the early 70's. Bearing a clunky and catchy hard rock sound, Cain flourished in the midwest for a few years before splitting in 1978. Their 2nd and final album, "Stinger", was released in 1977 and saw the band's sound refined considerably since their debut release a few years prior. Ultimately it was all for naught and within a year, the band split.

This album, despite its rather bland cover art, sees the band bringing its personal style to the fore. Though not as memorable as the fist, "Stinger" has plenty of goodness to offer. Still awaiting proper reissue, enjoy this quality vinyl rip in the meantime.


micksguitar said...

another great post. thanx mick.

Anonymous said...

I have both the Cain albums on vinyl. Great stuff! Thanks for posting.

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