Friday, June 15, 2007

Fanny Adams - Fanny Adams (1970)

Fanny Adams were a short-lived Australian hard rock supergroup formed by vocalist Doug Parkinson and guitarist Vince Maloney (ex-Bee Gees) in the UK before they moved back to Australia. They were joined by bassist Teddy Toi and drummer Johnny Dick. In 1970 they recorded an excellent album, full of heavy progressive hard rock and blues that unfortunately didn't do too much for them. Just prior to the album's release, the band's equipment was destroyed in a fire at a venue where they were to perform. The label subsequently dropped them and the band split. Their self-titled debut was released posthumously.

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Murph said...

I am so pleased to find this. I have a much-worn compact cassette copied from a friend's LP many years ago. Much listening pleasure coming!