Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Quick - Mondo Deco (1976)

One of the great unrealized talents of the mid 70's new wave/punk movement was The Quick. Brandishing a sound that stood somewhere between Cheap Trick, Sparks and The Dickies, the band only managed to crank out one solitary album before vanishing into nowhere land. This impressive debut showed loads of potential, but as fate would have it, The Quick were destined to be a mere blip on the radar. Danny Wilde, the frontman with a boyish vocal affectation, went on to later form Great Buildings and The Rembrandts. Guitarist and primary writer, Stephen Hufsteter, made a living playing in numerous west coast bands, writing for other artists and also as a member of The Dickies and the Cruzados for a short time. Later he would resurface in Shrine, a female fronted alt-rock band.

Never released on CD, this is "Mondo Deco". Download and hear what all the fuss is about.

256kbps @ http://www.megaupload.com/?d=LGZYJGIK


JimK said...

What a gem! This is a great lost LA power pop album. The demos comp from UK label Cherry Red is also nice, but there's no substitute for the original album where massive hooks and quirky bits are the order of the day.

I am looking for mp3s of the following:
Ian Lloyd's Goosebumps album, The Sorrows' Love Too Late album, The Quick's "Pretty Please Me," and anything from Lonely Boys/Little Bo Bitch.

If you have any of these, please email me at Retrohead77@yahoo.com.

PS. Great work on the site, Ronnie. Drop me a note.

Richard said...

Thank for this great post,my copy of Mondo Deco is a bit for worse,always liked Kim Fowley related projects.Thanks Again great music blog you got here.

DavidV said...

All I can say is Wow! and Thanks!. I've been listening to the bland demo versions (Untold Rock Stories) of these songs and every time it only made me want to hear Mondo Deco again. I forgot how every song sparkles. The only two sad notes are that (1) I'm not 19 anymore so I can't sing along to those those goofy harmonies and (2) Track 10 is corrupted about a minute into the song. I've learned to live with both tragedies... Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

pmoshay said...


Radio Heartbeat Records said...

RADIO HEARTBEAT RECORDS has just reissued Mondo Deco on LP.
A CD reissue with some bonus material is on the way soon!

Thanks for the great posts here!


Anonymous said...


Hey, last track on this upload is a little messed up - maybe my download was corrupted?

What's your source for this album?