Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sterling Cooke Force - Full Force (1984)

Since I've been on a roll with obscure hard rock acts, no list of true obscurities would be complete without Pennsylvania's Sterling Cooke Force. Signed briefly to the UK's Ebony Records, their debut "Full Force" was released in 1984. As fate would have it, lablemates Grim Reaper were already making waves in the industry and the small staff at Ebony focused all of their attention on moving them to the next level. Consequently, this meant "Full Force" received very little promotion and airplay. Within a year or so, the band was already without a label and struggling to make a dent in the American scene. An indie released follow up album did little to improve the situation and the band ceased to exist by the late 80's.

Years later, Sterling Cooke (Koch) would embark on a solo career, recording and releasing his own instrumental records. He also became a born-again christian and his newfound faith would permeate his work from that point onward. Though the album is nothing to get terribly excited about, it is a tightly performed exercise in bluesy hard rock that touches on Jimi Hendrix in places. I urge hard rock fans to download and come to your own conclusions.


micksguitar said...

thanx so much. i have his other lps. this is a great one. mick.


Could you post the other release? I have it up on my blog. But, the sound is one sided and I could use a better copy. Would be appreciated.

Lindsey said...

That's my dad. You have an amazing blog and I'm thrilled to see he made it on there. :)

He's actually (at the young age of 52) still jamming and is the front man for "61 South". He still does his solo records, but has found himself a comfy niche in the blues genre.

I remember going to shows when I was very, very small. Awesome experiences. Thanks again for including him!