Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mentors - Rock Bible (1990)

Ahhh, the infamous Mentors. Not enough can be said to accurately describe the sleaze factor this band from the northwest could muster up on record. For a band full of hooded, poorly dressed slobs singing about venereal diseases and rape, it's quite amazing that they thrived in the 80's. Considering the decade was primarily about pretty boys and teased hair, the Mentors were the antithesis to it all. The band were marginally talented and wrote some of the sloppiest odes to deviant behavior ever recorded, but somehow it times. Other times it was sorely incoherent (surely brought on by El Duce's alcoholism) and barely discernable.

Nonetheless, the band did manage to crank out a couple of somewhat consistent albums on Metal Blade Records in the mid-80's. By 1990, the band were without a label and releasing albums on their own imprint, Mentor Records. The first of these recordings, "Rock Bible", was a thinly underproduced affair that saw the sound morphing into free-form psychedelic metal, as opposed to the clearly hard rock leanings of their earlier material. The lyrical gags weren't as clever and the mix left alot to be desired. Despite these setbacks, the album has the honor of being the sleaziest collection of songs in the band's entire repertoire. See "Hilljack Heaven" and "My Daughter Is a Strawberry" for examples of such.

This cassette-only release has still never seen the CD upgrade treatment, despite the fact that bootleggers have been trying to pass off CD's of this album for years. Transferred from a clean tape and tweaked for maximum enjoyment, here it is..."Rock Bible".


Blank Crisis said...

Holy shit! A friend & myself-- we've been looking all over for this thing! Thanks for posting!

Bobovdeath said...

"free form psychedelic metal"?

i think thats cuz they had to just make up something on the spot to get the album done cuz they drank too much hahaha

Want Mentors said...

One I can not find is Sex Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll. Please up that one and link me or something man,

Anonymous said...

The link is dead!