Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuff Luck - Tuff Luck (1986)

This Florida based hard rock act came and went almost entirely unnoticed in 1986, save for their hardcore following at home. Aside from this, the band were met with general apathy thanks to New Renaissance Records who neither had the budget or manpower to properly promote any of their stable acts. As a result, this self-titled debut is quite difficult to find. New Renaissance never pressed more than a few thousand albums per artist and a good portion of those fell into the hands of grass roots radio jocks (like myself at the time) in the hopes of elevating them into stardom. Well, it didn't happen, but there's plenty to love on this album. The band cobbled together a followup many years later, but it bombed too. It's even more difficult to find. In any case, download & dig in. This quality rip is worth a listen!


Jim said...

Thanks a ton! I had a bought copy of this on tape. It was a take a chance purchase that got a ton of play throughs. I have been trying to track down Tuff Luck mp3s for a long time.

Keith Beard said...

Hi J,

A local record shop in Newcastle, UK, near where I live, would sell some very rare import records in the 80’s, though because of this prices were very high, £10 for an LP back then, it was a lot of money to take a chance on a band you never heard before, I liked the look of this band and little bit of review on the plastic packaging on the LP helped me decide to buy, I was not disappointed one bit, back in the 80’s there was so many rock bands sounding very much the same or trying to hard to be commercial, but occasionally you came across something special, Tuff Luck were just that, a combination of each talented member fitting together to form a unique band and a unique sound, raw and enthusiastic sum the tracks up, which in turn for me, produced an 80’s hard rock masterpiece.

As with V.V.S.I’s No Ace At Hand LP which I purchased in the same way, both bands tried hard to be different from the oversaturated rock market at the time, both bands had a uniqueness in their own right, all credit to both bands for trying to achieve this.

If I remember off hand (as my collection is in storage - I will confirm later), the info on the sleeve told of how the band won a battle of the bands contest to help seal this record deal, and what an album it is, catchy melodic rock at it’s best, with each listen, the more it grows on you, it’s the rare LP that you can put on repeat and not get bored with, most bands can take several albums before they create a “classic” LP, Tuff Luck as with V.V.S.I. did it on their first release, both these bands shows us what made hard rock so special back in the 80’s before commercialism took control and changed everything.