Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Chopper - Chopper (1979)

This obscure Los Angeles based AOR band cut only one album in 1979 before splitting the following year. Signed to A&M/Ariola Records, it's a mystery why we don't know more about the band. Perhaps the misleading name is to blame, since there's not a single shred of the sleaze or raunchiness the name would imply. Less hard rock and more pomp, Chopper nonetheless created a solid album featuring top shelf performances from everyone involved. Not much can be said of the lineup, except that keyboardist Kim Bullard went on to join Poco and Y Kant Tori Read. In any case, this album will likely never see reissue and that is why it is posted here for your discerning tastes. Dig in and see what you think.


thelegendthatis said...

excellent stuff...been trying to get this for a while...Great blog too...Do you have any Straight Lines or Butler?

The Legend

Anonymous said...

Good pomp /AOR album with, for me, the best tracks in the first half of the album.