Saturday, June 16, 2007

Song - Album (1970)

This little known quartet's minor claim to fame is that the lineup included Mickey Rooney, Jr., son of the well-known actor. Produced by Curt Boettcher and released in 1970, "Album" features a sound reminiscent of Badfinger, though it is noticably shorter on hooks and creativity. Shortcomings aside, there are still plenty of hooks to be found here and one can only wonder how the band would have progressed had there been a followup album. Unfortunately, Song was over within a year of the album's release. I have no information about the remaining members of the band, but Rooney did later record and release a solo album which fizzled quickly. Rooney is now a born-again christian and works in various capacities on the production side of showbiz. Check out this rarity NOW...


Fuzzbox said...


Fantastic album ...

& killer blog by the way (o:!

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ASDLR said...

Hey comrade ! This needs a re-up.


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