Friday, June 29, 2007

Thundermug - Bang the Love Drum (1997)

Thundermug's 5th album came in 1997 after a number of years touring with a largely reunited lineup. This album saw the band delivering a gritty batch of songs that have more in common with modern alternative than a Thundermug revival. Suffice it to say, this self-financed release cannot be taken strictly as a Thundermug album. Sounding like The Toadies with Billy Gibbons at the helm, the ten tracks here pack the wallop of a hungry new band instead of some tired old 70's throwback. Though diehards will most certainly miss the reckless abandon of old-school Thundermug, there is plenty to love here.

The album went quickly out of print and is now quite difficult to locate, so enjoy this CD rip while you search for the real thing. You'll be floored!

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Residentevil2 said...

Thank you very much hope you do post the other 90's stuff