Thursday, June 28, 2007

Left End - Spoiled Rotten (1974)

I could write volumes about this ill-fated theatrical shock rock act from Youngstown, OH. The Left End were a hybrid of Kiss, New York Dolls, Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin, The Tubes and Grand Funk. With a bottom heavy punkish sound and the formidable vocal chops of Dennis T. Menass, Left End made huge waves in the midwest before Polydor signed the band in late 1972. Upon the release of their sole album, the band were set on a non-stop cycle of sharing the bill with many of the legendary bands from the era. Audiences were left speechless and all of the major magazines were emphatically proclaiming their love for the band. All seemed perfect until Polydor began undergoing major reorganization in 1975, resulting in the dismissal of the key personnel responsible for promoting the band. As a result, Left End were sent packing back to their hometown where they spent several more years headlining smaller venues in the region. Eventually, the band vanished from the scene, though in recent years they have enjoyed a revival in the area and have performed regularly to packed houses.

This albums demands to be heard, so I suggest you check out this hard rock nugget and listen in awe at one of the midwest's most unsung treasures. Long live Left End!


Anonymous said...

If you like this one check out

I had no idea they continued recording after the Spoiled Rotten lp.

Tom said...

Hey ANONYMOUS... I wanted to check out that link, but it says it's for invited guests only. I sure would like to see it!!!!

J Richter - THANK YOU for posting the link to the download file. I have the vinyl and always wanted to convert it to digital.

I'm a musician myself and took lessons from LE's guitarist. Sure loved those guys. Last time I saw them, they were playing the Arcade (near YSU campus) and we had a blast.

A few years ago, the originals all regrouped and played a gig at the Yankee Lake Ballroom. It was a BIG DEAL and played up on all the Y-town radio & TV stations. The place was sold out. I heard it went very well, but I have not heard of any other concerts by LE since.

LE members are all in the 50s and 60s now, but they still have the ability.

Tom said...

J RICHTER - Can you email me about a question I have for you concerning this band? I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU!

By the way, here's a link to another LE cut... one released on an EP.
then either LISTEN or click on DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL. It's the tune END OF MY ROPE.

Anonymous said...

I can't break down rar files on my computer can someone burn me a copy of the album if I send a blank cd and postage? It would mean a lot to have this in my collection! here's my address info

Anonymous said...

can anyone help me get a copy of this on cd-r? i can only do mp3 and zip on here and don't have any programs that open and extract rar files. My computer's unfortunately a Windows 98 version so it's really limited to what it can do. my email address is listed in the comment above then again I'll just leave it again.

Anonymous said...

Check out the developing website on the legendary LEFT

Anonymous said...

My God.... used to drive from western PA to Youngstown, OH to see this band when they used to play in 1973. Had this on vinyl but it is long gone. What a joy to hear this and remember them doing these songs on stage.


Anonymous said...

I have the CD. MP3 Format. Hit me up @