Monday, August 6, 2007

Ziggurat - Melodic Scandal (1982)

This southern quintet, whose name was derived from a type of ancient structure commonly found in the middle east, hailed from Atlanta and presumably formed sometime in the mid 70's. Bearing an interesting blend of southern rock and AOR, the band issued their self-titled debut on Robox Records, a local private label, in 1979. With minimal pressings issued, the album fared well in the region but barely sold on a national level. Such was the case when their sophomore album, "Melodic Sandal" was released in 1982. The emphasis on AOR was even greater at this point, taking on a slight gothic feel in places. As a result, audiences at large were indifferent, leaving the band without enough support to continue onward. The band split in 1983, with members defecting to solo careers and bands like Bombay and Fortnox .

This album has a very subtle dark sound that will appeal to AOR fans looking for something different. Conversely, if bright harmonies and epic melodies are your thing, "Melodic Scandal" will likely fail to satisfy your hunger for such. What we have here is an average collection of hard rock tunes that sound tailored for FM radio. Sadly, the material is just a bit too weak in places to prevent this from ever being regarded a "classic". This aside, there are some highlights worthy of review such as the quirky cover of Graham Gouldman's "For Your Love", the melodramatic "They Only Come Out At Night" or the closing number, "Eight Miles High".

Overall, this is a decent and rather plain effort from an obscure act who failed to extend their fortunes beyond their stomping grounds. Thanks to 'Orchman' for this contribution. Listen and make your own judgement!


micksguitar said...

a great post. thanx for all your fine and tasty lps. thanx mick.

Anonymous said...

Great album, I really like the crisppy voice. Another great post of a band i^ve never heard about.

Anonymous said...

Very great post brother
if you have more of this band please upp it, they are very nice!

Opticus Prime said...

I was turned onto the band back in 1982. I thought that they had a Southern Rockishness style with a Tangerine Dream style or effects. Melodic and hard and yet rythmic and sustainable. I did not know about their 1st release. How unfortunate that it was a limited pressing.

Michael Aaron Wooten aka Opticus Prime

Anonymous said...

Ziggurat performed at a college media convention D.C. in 1981 or 82 to support this album. We had a couple hardcore southern rock DJs in our class and a few pretty, frisky girls, so we became defacto groupies of the band for a few days.
We brought the band members back to our hotel suite and partied well into the night. (The girls were late getting back into the vand to go back to PA because they hooked up with a few band members). I was the MD of our college station - WPSU - so the group gave me a heavy belt buckle that bore their logo.
Oh yeah. Their performance was great. I'm guessing that our sports director or one of the girls took the album home because it disappeared a week after the trip.