Friday, August 10, 2007

Blitz - Oga Erutuf (1975)

Like Roxx, Cleveland's Blitz have a similarly shrouded back story. Presumably formed in the early 70's, Blitz took on a theatrical image comparable more to early Sweet than Kiss, complete with tribal makeup and glittery outfits. The band managed to release one album, on the private TEMA label in 1978, though it is noted that the material was actually recorded in 1975. Considering the year of these recordings, there quite a progressive sound here. Not so much traditional "prog" as just hard rock with a very forward thinking point of view, Blitz laid down an album's worth of tracks that sound like they could've been recorded in the late 70's instead. With hooks aplenty and a solid musical foundation, "Oga Erutuf" is strangely prophetic like it's thinly disguised title (Future Ago) and stands as one of the most solidly assembled private recordings of its time. Though the production leaves something desired, the quality of the writing is good enough to overlook this flaw. With straightforward rock and slight folk tendencies, Blitz put together an impressive album that stands the test of time.

Download this monster obscurity and take a listen to Blitz...this is good stuff. I kid you not!


micksguitar said...

another rare post. thanx for all the music you have shared with me and everyone else. thanx mick.

fairplaybeach said...

I like this...

blitzdrummer said...

Hard this belive this album still comes to the surface. I had a great
time creating the music but had nothing to do with the cover!!
Too bad it didn't stick, maybe then
I wouldn't need a real job.
If you want to hear the whole story about Blitz let me know.
Blitz drummer, Ron

Sir Lord Doom said...

This is definitely a killer piece of music. I am writing a review on it for my own blog, it will be in german language. Hope some of the kids and older german hardrock fans will discover this gem.

Is it 1975 or 1978 now?