Monday, August 6, 2007

Bandit [USA] - Bandit (1975)

Not to be confused with Australia's Bandit, this act sprang from the Pacific Northwest in late 1974 and featured Joey Newman on guitar and keyboards. Newman was quite a figure on the scene, having been a member of Don & the Good Times, Blue Mountain Eagle, Touch and the infamous, Stepson. Bringing his own experience to the fold was drummer Dan Gorman, who had previously played with Los Angeles superstars, The Yellow Payges. Rounding out the lineup were guitarist Davis Della Rosa, bassist Kevin Barnhill and vocalist Tommy Eaton. It's safe to assume that Newman's association with ABC Records during sessions for Stepson's sole release, is at least partly responsible for the formation of Bandit and their self-titled debut, which they issued in 1975.

Taking cues from Stepson, as well as other heavy soul influenced acts like Crow and Mother's Finest, the band's sound was a bit out of sync with much of what was popular in the mid 70's and ultimately this direction was their undoing. The band began imploding at the end of a short tour supporting numerous larger acts and by 1976, ABC chose to drop the band, signalling their death the same year. Little is known about the subsequent activities of the members, though Newman did work with the Osmonds and Shaun Cassidy in later years.

"Bandit" is a fine slab of soul driven hard rock that effortlessly shifts from grit to subtlety. At times, the band goes straight for the Motown sound with total abandon, while at other times they can be heard at full steam, complete with Eddie Hazel inspired guitars and a smoking rhythm section. Eaton's smoldering vocals morph from Gaye smoothness to Cocker bravado all in the span of a single track. The soulful female backup singers provide the proverbial icing on the cake. There's very little not to absolutely love about this well assembled album. Simply awesome. Need proof? Check out this flawless vinyl transfer, brought to you by reader 'mamedia' and get the goods while they're hot...


Anonymous said...

This is indeed a fine album!. Great musicians, great vocals. I like the variations between the rockers and the soulful ones. I can't help but thinking of a band called Trapeze, who had a slightly similar mix. (Mainly due to Glenn Hughes I guess).
"Songbird" sounds very 60's/70's classic rock. I hear a bit of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in there.
Big thanks to all involved in getting this gem available here.

Btw I bought myself a pair of new PC speakers the other day. And they're good, however they tend to also enhance distorsion much better than my old ones too. I do hear the vinyl distorsion - if there - much clearly now.
It's a downside, but I can live with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to thank very much the blogger and the user "mamedia" for bringing us this rarity.Ive been looking for 'Kerian White - 1975 - Open Door" for too long and i would appreciate it very much if anyone of you could provide us this album.
I would also like to ask the user
"higginz" waht kind of speakers he bought for his pc because im looking for a good quality duo for mine ( i dont have space for a subwoofer)


Brian said...


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'orchman' said...

Seems like my last post didn't work here so i'll be short thistime.

Thanx mamedia for your upload of Bandit, pretty nifty album i might say.

New links:

Champion - Same.

Rose - A Taste of Neptune.

Rose - Judgement Day.

Will share the links for U/nion - On Strike and trigger - Same tomorrow.


mamedia said...

Hey Chris,

I recomend the Bose Companion 2 speakers if you do not have room for a sub. True Bose quality sound and under $100. I bought mine at Sam's Club, you can find at Circuit City as well.

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Chris, I'm searching for the Kieran White album you're requesting. I'll let you know when it turns up!

micksguitar said...

hey j glad you got this lp. sorry could'nt find mine.i may not have had it on cd. thanx for the fine post and keep on rockin. mick

Residentevil2 said...

Great stuff

Looking For:
MIDNIGHT FLYER - S/T 1981(CD released with couple Ep songs)
Also Ep Rock N Roll Party
Maggie Bell And Midnight Flyer Live Montreaux 1981 soundtrack for recent released DVD

Maggie Bell of Stone The Crows
Tony Stevens (bass)of Foghat
DAVE DOWLE (Whitesnake / Chapman /Whitney Streetwalkers)

aor66 said...

Hello, I found recently this fantastic blog! Damn good job, Ronnie, really THANKS A LOT!!!

I noticed that's not available any longer FM "City Of Light". Is a re-up possible?

Thanks anyway and keep the hard work!

Residentevil2 said...

Here ya go got these about year ago see if acceptable.

Trooper - (1975)First album.

Trooper - (1976)Two For The Show

Trooper - (1980)Trooper

Trooper - (1982)Money talks

Need track list for Roxx - Get Your Roxx Off
Looking for Wrabit - S/t &West Side Kids

Ronnie (aka J) said...

Thx 'residentevil2' for the Trooper hookup! Those rips do sound superior to mine, so I'm a happy camper! I've listed the Wrabit self-titled disc here already, so check my archives. It's listed as Wrough & Wready (the canadian title). I'll have "West End Kid" up here real quick. The Roxx titles are as such:

1) Born To Love You
2) Boogie Rock & Roll
3) I Gotta Move It
4) Break of Day
5) Livin' For Today
6) Take a Ride
7) One More Try
8) Don't Need You Girl

Ronnie (aka J) said...

aor66, plz give me a bit of time to get that FM reupped, but I will update the link there shortly!

Alex said...

FM - City of Fear
Link found at

aor66 said...

Many thanks to Alex!

John Sposato said...

Not to be confused with the UK's Bandit either. When I was looking for that LP, this one showed up on eBay, GEMM, etc. Bandit is a common name and several people lay claim to it.
I'm not one of the regulars here who just get the albums only because they're on the blog. I get it if it's someone I already like.
This was released on the XYZ'ed ABC Records, which is helpful when looking for a hard copy.

Anonymous said...

I used to see tons of cheap, usually sealed copies of this at "Records" old location on K street in Sacramento. Think I paid 75 cents for mine a few years ago. Here's their myspace:


Anonymous said...

Please anyone re-upload this album...

McKagan said...

new link for album:

D burns said...

I owned this album as a kid and unfortunately donated my collection and it was lost. David Della Rosa is my cousin. Does anyone have another link?