Thursday, August 16, 2007

Taste - Tickle Your Fancy (1976)

Here's the debut release from Australia's Taste, who were featured here recently. Unlike the band's second and final album, their debut is a bit heavier and aggressive. Released in 1976, "Tickle Your Fancy" is a tight batch of quirky hard rock songs brimming with a unique melodic point of view. Considering the young age of the band, alot of the material here is surprisingly accomplished, both in performance and songwriting. Though the hooks are very subtle, the entire album taken as a whole is a rewarding listening experience through and through. This unique hard rock effort deserves to be heard, so be sure to download and hear this offering from down under.


Anonymous said...

Another winner from the House of Robots for Ronnie!!


skids said...

Thanks for another top Aussie rock LP Ronnie :-D

skids said...

Track Listing

1 Same Old Story
2 Degenerate Fool
3 Group "e"
4 Rock "n" Roll Superstar
5 Tickle your Fantasy
6 Lady Of Love
7 Lose Lover
8 Lone ranger
9 love Ya Babe
10 Taste of Life

micksguitar said...

thanx j. this is onevof the best 70's lps to come out. it rocks from beginning to end. thanx for the post. mick.

Robert Pally said...


ok, but you should check out Diamond Rock. They really rock!!


Robert Pally said...

Actually, the name of the band was Diamond Reo!!


'orchman' said...

I agree with Robert P. Diamond Reo ROCKS bigtime atleast their 2nd album Dirty Diamonds do, i search Ruff Cuts with them, anyone ???