Monday, August 20, 2007

Stonebolt - Keep It Alive (1979)

Here's another offering from Stonebolt, who have been featured elsewhere here. "Keep It Alive", is a major improvement over the debut. With a far more balanced AOR stance firmly in place here, the band finally get to show off their great harmonies and musicianship by sidestepping the pedestrian country sound of their debut and opting for a more radio friendly rock direction. The result is a highly improved effort, filled with hooks galore. Though some of the material is muted by plaintive vocals, the songwriting itself is by and large great. This release sparked a series of similarly well written albums from the band over the next few years.

At the present, none of the band's proper studio albums have seen reissue, though a retrospective was issued several years ago. This one needs to heard in its entirety, so I'm including this excellent vinyl rip here for your listening enjoyment. Check out Stonebolt at their most potent...


'orchman' said...

Yet another great post on Robots For Ronnie, had this on my wantlist for sometime and am damned excited that you share it R.
Thank you !!!

Anonymous said...

Nice album. Good melodies and good vocals.

xandee brasil said...

So please, put the Band´s musical styles, thank u!congratulations man! u have a great blog!