Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Word of Thanks & Other Matters...

First off, I'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone for visiting my blog. In a very short period of time, this site went from getting a few visits per week to thousand of visits per day. I'm blown away, folks. I'm very grateful that you all have taken the time to visit, read my blurbs, try out some obscure tuneage, offer your insights and refer others here. It's an honor to do this and your readership is the ultimate reward for the time I put in.

Secondly, I wish to thank all of the kind folks who have helped to contribute to the content here. Filling in the gaps and offering up things that I wish to cover here has taken some of the headache that comes from digging and digging for something that ultimately never turns up. Thanks to you (orchman, mamedia, higginz, micksguitar, fairplaybeach, gary_lankford and numerous anonymous posters) for your contributions here, whether it be uploads or just simple feedback. It really has given this simple blog some depth and I believe that, in itself, will help sustain this site more than anything else. Cheers to all of you.

I wanted to let you all know that I will probably be developing a sub-page soon which will be used as a repository for all the upload links that have been left in the comments. Any future links can also be left there. Initially, it was my intention to just integrate those uploads into the main blog front page (complete with synopsis and thumbnail), which I may still do...but I am tossing this alternate idea around. Just wanted you all to know what's up.

Also, if I DO repost your contribution on the front page, you'll notice that the upload link is completely different. That is because I clean up (usually just EQ or normalize) the files when needed and retag them the way all of my other content is tagged, for consistency's sake.

Finally, if for some reason I choose to delete a prior post (only non music posts like a wishlist req or other notes) and your link was provided there, I will make note of that information before deleting the post. In time, it will be reposted here in the proper context. I do this b/c I'm real particular about maintaining a clean and consistent look on the main page. Ok?

I hope you are all having a smashing weekend. I will be here tomorrow with a new batch of albums! Till then...thanks again :)


Anonymous said...

And Thank you for putting together a great blog!!


Robert Pally said...

Thanks for the cool blog!¨



Anonymous said...

Keep up a good job ! Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

hey one request do you have the 1977 album by metro i love the song criminal world i havent heard it in years.kepp up all the cool rock man you rule!

Anonymous said...

You do fabulous work on the blog. I really enjoy reading your comments concerning the bands. You have introduced me bands I have never heard of. After downloading some of these albums, I'm just blown away by the quality music.

thanks again
++ robert

mamedia said...

Thanks man! I have some more of your wants... Morningstar, Trooper, etc... Is your list updated? I look forward to the Stu Nunnery and Ellis! I haven't heard El Doomo in forever!

Thanks again,

Ronnie (aka J) said...


yes the list is now current. i look fwd to seeing what you come up with!

fairplaybeach said...

This is how it's supposed to be... finding good music at a grass roots level. This should lead to a career where you get paid to do something like this.

Here's 3 more wav files. In the past I had a time and space crunch. I gave all my old albums to a friend who had the space available... and I mostly only had a chance to transfer only a few songs from each album.

Here's one song... Stillwater's "I Reserve the Right" from the album with the same title:

and Robert Johnson's "I'll Be Waiting"...(from an album with a lot of pink on the cover):

and Trillion from their first album with "Hold Out" (I do have the whole album but my sound quality is iffy)

all from the late 70's and I'm not aware of any of it on CD format.

mamedia said...

I have the Stillwater self-titled and I Reserve the Right on a 2 on 1 cd.

mamedia said...


Were you able to upload the Stu Nunnery and Ellis rips?! Thanks!


Ronnie (aka J) said...

Yes, Mike. I posted the links for those two on the original post where you requested them. Go here: