Friday, August 10, 2007

Stumblebunny - Stumblebunny (1979)

Stumblebunny's roots trace back to 1976 in New York City. Masterminded by Chris Robison (Steam and Elephant's Memory) who had recently been released from the New York Dolls touring lineup, Stumblebunny was assembled haphazardly over several months before premiering at Max's Kansas City in early 1977. Shortly thereafter, the band issued a self produced EP to much regional success. Though the band received lukewarm press at best, they did manage to land a contract with european label, Phonogram and toured extensively through the continent until half the band defected in late 1979. With an album "While You Were Out" in stores, the band worked tirelessly to promote themselves, but to little avail. Unable to build upon their momentum, the band began to fracture and members found themselves pursuing other opportunities (i.e. Nite Caps) instead. Robison went on to record solo albums and children's music, which he has done successfully for some years now.

"Stumblebunny" is a rock solid example of late 70's folky powerpop that echoes traces of Badfinger, Raspberries and the Hollies. Though their sound is nothing new to the ears, the album is solid from start to finish. With Robison's thinly veiled references to the homosexual lifestyle, Stumblebunny were one of the forerunners of "gay rock" and are championed by the gay community for their open stance on the subject. Sexual preferences notwithstanding, "Stumblebunny" is a fantastic slab of melodic goodness and I recommend open minded listeners to breathe in the album's every nuance. I'm sure you'll dig it!


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