Friday, August 24, 2007

451° - 451° (1980)

Canada's 451° were a band whose roots trace back to numerous luminaries in the canadian rock pantheon such as Shades of Blond, 49th Parallel, Painter and Hammersmith. Just as Hammersmith were folding in 1977, two departing members (Dan Lowe and Royden Morice) were already setting the foundation for what would eventually become 451°. Within months Morice had defected and Jim Clench (April Wine/BTO) stepped into his place. After gigging around the region for several years, Pickwick Records signed the band and in 1980 their eponymous debut was released. Despite rigorous touring and promotion, 451° failed to catch fire, prompting the band to split, only to resurface under the name Prototype in 1982. Clench would later rejoin April Wine and remains there to this day. The present activities of the rest of the members is not known.

"451°" is overall a fairly decent album, though there's nothing earth shattering about the material. Sounding basically like a modernized Hammersmith, the album is an early rough edged example of AOR, though the band does dabble in a retro hard rock sound in many places here. With solid production and performances, the album is nothing to scoff at, but there's a lack of real musical identity happening here that undermines the credible writing and performances. Simply a 'good' album, 451° has never been reissued, so perhaps this is a good time to download and draw your own conclusion. Dig this sweet transfer from 'ritchie blackmore'...

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kissmar said...


Anonymous said...

hi, i agreed with you, nothing special happens here, just an ordinary album.

Residentevil2 said...

Thank you another lost oldie I have been looking for.

ritchie said...

Hello again J. I'm hope what this isn't my last contribution at your great blog.

'orchman' said...

Agree with Miguel, not much that shakes my old bones inhere. Still nice to have got the opportunity to have heard them, thank you J.

Anonymous said...

Would any of ya good fellas have these albums?

Band of Joy-same.'78
Facedancer-This World.'79
Slack Alice-same.'74


Dr.Progenstein Ph.P said...

I used to love this album...great Canadian band made up of members from Painter/Hammersmith/49th Parallel, and April Wine. Martin Barre (Jethro Tull) played on a couple tracks too!
Too bad the link is dead. Any chance of posting it again?

Bunky Boy said...

As noted by the good Dr.
According to Bob Ego who played drums on this. Martin Barre guitarist from Jethro Tull apparently played on two tunes "Everybody Loves a Hero" and "Fastest Guns In Town".
Check out Bob's website.