Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bad Boy - Girl On The Run (1986)

Bad Boy's fourth release came in the form of "Girl On The Run", a five song EP released in 1986. The band opted to release the record on their own label, Legend Records. With the limited distribution that is typical of indie labels, the album failed to launch the band back into the mainstream but it was well-received in parts of the midwest. Over the next few years the band slowly began winding down, as members defected to other area bands and solo projects. In 1998, the band reunited and has been performing locally ever since.

"Girl On The Run" is quite a departure from the band's 70's output, with a strong AOR slant full of embellishments like saxophones and keyboards. The band's grit has been replaced by a slick sheen that was very common for the times. The album's title track is clearly the standout here, though "Hypnotize" and "She Can Drive You Crazy" are also fantastic. Unfortunately, the two remaining tracks fall flat. "Midnight Love" lacks a strong hook and "The Longest Night" comes off sounding very formulaic and stiff. Overall, this is a worthy effort and a fine addition to the Bad Boy musical legacy.

This EP is extremely rare and usually quite expensive whenever it surfaces online. Check out this fantastic vinyl rip I've done and get hip to some rare Milwaukee AOR. You'll dig it.



Anonymous said...

Hi J

many thanks for this rare gem :)

glad to see you're still with us :)


Anonymous said...

nice cover too

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one J, didn't think i'd ever get to hear it.
Any chance you could upload their "Back To Back" album?
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JKR said...

Yessir, I do have that one in the pipeline. I plan to have the entire Bad Boy catalog up here soon!