Monday, May 11, 2009

Thundermug - Orbit (1973)

I've posted most of Thundermug's recorded output here before, but not their 2nd LP, "Orbit". Prior downloads I've come across from other sources have sounded scratchy and muddy. Not this one, folks. I ripped this myself from clean vinyl and the sound is amazing. The album came in mid '73 and though it was critically acclaimed in Canada, it never made a dent elsewhere in the world. It's a shame, as this is arguably their most cohesive release.

Though the album is notably less experimental as their debut, it makes up for this change in direction by focusing on tighter arrangements and melodies. In fact, later that year Epic records issued a Thundermug compilation LP which contained all but three cuts from this release. Yes, it's that strong. If you are a Thundermug fan or just enjoy clever melodic power pop/hard rock, you will be more tha satisfied with "Orbit". Click the link below and give your ears a taste of one of Canada's best kept secrets.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Hello People - Bricks (1975)

I'm back with another post from The Hello People, this one being their final release from 1975, "Bricks". By this point, the band had been pruned down to a quartet and streamlined their musical approach considerably. Under the direction of mentor Todd Rundgren, the band entered the studio in early 1975 and had "Bricks" on store shelves by the summer. Though Rundgren's golden touch had revived many sagging careers of the artists he worked with, The Hello People did not fare quite as well. By early 1977, the band had stopped touring and effectively fizzled by year's end. The post-breakup activities of former members are not known.

If you enjoyed the psychedelic sounds of the band's early albums, you will probably not find much to enjoy with "Bricks". Here we see a pastiche of mellow pop, hard rock and 50's doowop. Though there are highlights such as the perfectly crafted "Pass Me By", which incidentally appeared earlier in a different form on a previous album by the band, most of the material here is rather pedestrian. Despite this flaw, I honestly do enjoy this album from time to time. It's all about moderation folks and this is an album that does not hold up well under repeated listenings. Having said that, this is a relic worth checking out, especially if you are already familiar with the band. Check out this excellent rip from virgin vinyl. Enjoy!