Friday, October 16, 2009

Re-upped: Bad Boy - Electric Eyes (1984)

Continuing with another entry from Milwaukee's Bad Boy, this is their fourth studio release from 1984, "Electric Eyes". In an attempt to remain relevant among the giants of overblown 80's hard rock, Bad Boy update their sound embellishing it with synth pads and noodley fretwork. Does it work? Well, it does a little but even then, it all comes off a bit third tier in the end. With Xeno (original Cheap Trick vocalist) now at the helm, the melodies are more prominent than ever, but the lack of originality reduces this obscurity to nothing more than a curiosity. There are some strong cuts here, but nothing really has staying power. Regardless, here it is in all its newly ripped digital glory. Bad Boy fans will want to sink their teeth into one of the band's forgotten releases.