Thursday, January 26, 2017

Re-Upped: Diamond Reo - Dirty Diamonds (1976)

Not much is known about Diamond Reo (not to be confused with country act Diamond Rio) except that this Pittsburgh band (featuring Steel Town legend, Norman Nardini) formed in the early 70's and released three albums before going belly up in 1978. Though they had highly visible tours with Kiss, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Kansas and Rush, success eluded them and the band fell into obscurity before the decade came to a close. This is quite amazing considering the strength of the material found on their albums. "Dirty Diamonds", their 2nd album, is quite possibly their finest hour. Considering that each of their releases were recorded for different labels, it is commendable that the band were able to maintain a focused style which never wavered throughout their brief career. A minor cult classic, here it is for your consumption...."Dirty Diamonds".

Re-Upped: Diamond Reo - Diamond Reo (1975)

Continuing on from my prior Diamond Reo post, this is the band's debut issued by Big Tree Records in 1975. While their sophomore album was on the verge of being proto-metal, this release is considerably more subdued and fluid. Contrary to popular opinion, the album is NOT even remotely close to sounding glam. In fact, there's more of a Clempson-era Humble Pie or Bandit [US] vibe happening here. Though the album is universally panned by classic rock aficionados, I actually prefer this to "Dirty Diamonds" simply because the hooks are more evident throughout. Though it's quite easy to find a clean copy of the album at just about any online merchant, it has been virtually ignored by bloggers...until now. Sink your teeth into this fine contrubtion from Brian and hear Pittsburgh's legendary hard rockers at their earliest stage.