Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snakeye - Blue Feeling (1975)

Snakeye's debut came in 1975, two years after it had been actually recorded. The band were briefly courted by United Artists Records and the label subsequently issued a single "Choked Up" b/w "Blue Feeling" in 1973, but a full fledged contract never happened, leaving the band with master tapes to an album without a label. Eventually Harold Langille's local label, Big Harold's Records, issued the album in a limited pressing. Though the album did quite well for the band regionally speaking, with limited funds and resources, "Blue Feeling" was ultimately destined for the abyss and that's where it has remained ever since.

It's quite unfortunate too, as this album is a pretty enjoyable melange of styles that range from moody ballads to energetic hard rock. The album opener "See The Sun" is an excellent mood setter, with atmospheric flutes, tight vocal harmonies and a captivating dynamic shift throughout. "Something To Believe In" is one of the highlights, with a funky James Gang vibe firmly in place, it should've been a single. Other cuts worth mentioning are the sizzling title track and "I Can Stand" which sounds like David Byron fronting a southern rock band.

The verdict on this elusive relic is mostly positive. Though there are a few missteps sprinkled throughout, this is by and large a fairly tight and concise set of tracks. Check out this vinyl rip, but be aware that you may hear some very subtle pops on occasion. I labored hard over digitally restoring this one, but the source vinyl was only a VG+ rating. I didn't want to filter too much noise, as it would've compromised the music itself. I think you'll dig this one in any case! Dig it...