Thursday, August 18, 2016

Re-upped: Tilt - Music (1978)

Detroit's Tilt were a quartet formed in the early 70's by Frank Ewing, Doug Kahan, Mike Harner and John Ponder. Having spent several years as a hot commodity on the Detroit club circuit, the band was spotted at a local gig in 1977 by music impresario, Russ Regan and inked a contract with Parachute Records, a subsidiary of Casablanca. The following year, the band's debut "Music" was issued. Though midwestern radio snapped up the record right away, national attention eluded the band. Despite prestigious opening slots with numerous huge touring acts, the band failed to catch fire and returned back to the Detroit clubs without a label. Lineup changes ensued, including future Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer, Chad Smith. In the end, the band just seemed doomed to the regional circuit and finally drifted apart in the early 80's. Kahan would form Flash Kahan and later, DC Drive. Harner would move to Florida and embark on a solo career there. The remaining members whereabouts are unknown.

"Music" is a decent journeyman hard rock album with AOR flourishes here and there. With a sound that is clearly midwestern in tone, Tilt can be compared to just about any other band who sprang from the region in the late 70's. Head East, Bad Boy, The Godz and 707 are all good reference points, though the band doesn't sound like specifically like anyone else. Perhaps this inability to label the band was part of their undoing. Despite the lack of a strong identity, there are some great moments to be found here. "Just What I've Been Looking For", "Get It Again" and "Baby Do You Like It?" are all nicely crafted tracks that highlight the band's subtle songwriting diversity. Tilt could write southern rock, hard rock and arena rock with a decent amount of effectiveness, all of which can be heard here on "Music".

Since the album will probably never see reissue, here's a high quality transfer of the album for you to crank and enjoy!