Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bad Boy - Back To Back (1978)

Back again with another entry from Milwaukee's very own Bad Boy. "Back To Back" was the band's final effort for United Artists Records, released in 1978. The album spawned no singles and failed to chart, prompting the label to opt out of extending the band's contract. The band continued playing the midwest for a number of years before finally fizzling in the late 80's. With the imminent release of a greatest hits album in 1998, the band reunited and has been recording and performing ever since.

"Back To Back" is an improvement over the band's debut, featuring more focused songwriting, a harder sound and more direct melodic hooks. "Back To Back" also marks the band's first foray into power pop, a style that would be fully explored on their follow up release, "Private Party". Though there are a handful of somewhat pedestrian cuts, there are some equally compelling tracks to offset them. "It's Alright" is a powerful opening track, with a sound reminiscent of early Trooper. "Always Come Back To You" and "Accidental" are both brimming with hooks lifted from the Raspberries songbook. "No Stopping Me Now" is easily the heaviest track here, with a sleazy guitar tone to die for. All in all, this is a satisfying listen, especially for Bad Boy fans.

Dig this killer 1st gen vinyl rip, de-clicked and EQ'd for maximum effect. You'll be pressed to find a better transfer anywhere else, folks!



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Good stuff, thanks for all the bad boy albums.


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Thanks a lot for this one J, that's another discography completed!
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Thanks for posting. This is a good album.

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Thanx for the Bad Boy albums. Blast from the past. Hope that you will re-up the Electric Eyes album as the old link no longer works.