Saturday, December 20, 2008

Updated Wishlist!

Finally just added some titles that I'd forgotten about. If you or anyone you know has any of these titles in a digital format, I'd be grateful for their contributions! Thanks!!!!


the red max said...

I can't get a list to display.

Thanks for re-upping the Baby album. Any chance of re-upping the Hammersmith self-titled album?

Anonymous said...

Do you happen to have Headstone-Headstone (1975)? It's pretty rare. It has the classic "Turn Your Head" on it.



KISSMAR said...

Hello!, His blog is very good so eh said, adding it to my blog.Saludos!

Anonymous said...

Hi R.

So let's see what "Santa" got in his goodiesack for you, i can hook you up with these:

Dirty John's Hot Dog Stand
Electric Mud
Fickle Pickle
Peggy's Leg
Ratchell - Both
Resurrection Band
Scrubbaloe Caine - Round One
Stud (US not UK)
Sweet Marie
The Bouys
Titanic - Both
Triangle - Both
Voyager - Act Of Love

You will probably need to clean some of them up before posting but i hope you will think it's worth it. And i don't claim to be the ripper as most of these i got from others via trades etc. So if and when you post them (to avoid angry comments) it would be better if you just say you got them from me and not that i ripped them.

So if you got any interest just post YES or NO inhere, if YES i will send you some biggy links on Megaupload as they are so nice so one can send 1G there now.

Merry X-Mas.

JKR said...

YES! What a generous offer, orchman. Thank you so very much. I JUST recently snagged a number of those titles, so I can prob save you alot of trouble/time by editing them out of my wishlist. Is your email still the same?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is ;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Any chance of re-upping Acme Thunder - Let's All Get Naked?

Anonymous said...

great blog you have here.wish i could help you out on some of your requests.but i am interested to see if you could reupload the bad boy private party cd.thanks

chuntao said...

Hello J.

Just sent you a little stocking filler in your email. Hope it's agreeable & it looks like you have been sorted out by orchman also. Welldone & happy holidays my man


JKR said...

Thx to Nelson, Whiteray, Nils, Orchman, AOR66 & everyone else for dropping in with some linkage :) You rock, yo! Have a super holiday season!!!

KISSMAR said...

merry christmas to all!

pow.r.rock said...

lets see your list

JKR said...

My wishlist is located on the lower right margin of my blog. The MP3 Wishlist...see it?

Anonymous said...

Hi J Richter, greetings; you know ?, you find that site and it helped to find many rare albums. Make a try and enjoy this wonderful. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hello from France

I have the WIZARD LP. How to rpoceed ? Thanks ALAIN

Anonymous said...

Hello again
i also have the rare HEADSTONE album and lots of rarities. ALAIN

Anonymous said...

I've gone right back thru your blog and taken some great stuff. Some of which I thought I'd never ever see. City Boy - It's Personal. Wow!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'll do my best to get Kenny albums as I promised; meanwhile, here's a 192-kps rip of the Sound of Super K I found in my local net (also added pics):

Anonymous said...

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Ripertoire said...

Hello! I just created a new blog with two albums from your wish list:

Slack Alice 1974
Freeway 1979

Just drop by and leave a comment!

John Sposato said...

I see Rock Rabbitt from Rabbitt (South Africa) was taken off. Did you get it, or just change your mind? That one's not in as much demand because it's from after Trevor Rabin left. The two albums with him were reissued with bonus tracks in their homeland. Their first single I'd like to find because it was redone by the classic lineup, a Jethro Tull cover. The other tracks not on the emusic editions you won't put because they're back in print, even if they never were here.
I put a rare Modern English album on my blog. It has bonus tracks. I know you usually dabble in unknown bands, as Modern English are forever known for "I Melt with You".
You wouldn't put bootlegs of name bands up, would you? There are plenty of other sites for that.
What part of Indiana are you in? I've been in the north on the Toll Road on the way to Chicago. I'm in touch with someone in Evansville.

Anonymous said...

Would love a re-up of Acme Thunder...

REEF said...

any chance you could post Rock Rabbitt again?

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

beaug said...

Hey Ronnie beau here i saw your wishlist on the right side of the blog how current is that cause i know where some of those can be found. you should download a program called soul seek it is free im sure someone has mentioned that to you. read on for the list of stuff

beaug said...

1. Blackstone- on the line
can be found at rare mp3

2. Limousine-1972
(who incidently changed their name to faith and released one album a year after this one)
can be found on soul seek

3. myrth-1969
can be found on a few blogsites i saw it last week

4. mr. albert show-warm motor
can be found on a few blogsites